Pafford EMS Fee

City of Yukon active residential utility accounts are charged a $3.65 monthly Pafford EMS Ambulance membership fee. Having a membership helps cover the costs of co-pays and deductibles when medically necessary ambulance services are rendered to permanent members of the household.

New residents starting utility service are given an opportunity to either participate or opt-out at the time they start new service.

Opt-In / Opt-Out

Customers wishing to change either their opt-out or opt-in participation may do so by submitting the appropriate form during the open enrollment period, which is the first of April through mid-May each year.

Residents who choose to opt-out of the program and receive Pafford transport will be financially responsible for billed charges. All Yukon citizens who require medically necessary ambulance services within the Yukon city limits will always be transported regardless of their ability to pay.