What is a Samaritan CareNet Membership?

All residential accounts, all residential rental properties, and all multi-living unit facilities that are City of Yukon utility customers are automatically enrolled in the membership program unless they sign and submit an opt-out form to the City of Yukon’s Utility Billing Department. The membership provides for the pre-payment of co-payments and deductibles for all qualified medically necessary provided ambulance services. CareNet is not an insurance supplement or policy.

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1. What is a Samaritan CareNet Membership?
2. I have an Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) membership. Would I benefit from a Samaritan membership also?
3. What is the membership cost?
4. Who is covered by the membership?
5. If I opt-out now, but change my mind later, can I opt back in?
6. I have insurance. Would I benefit from a CareNet membership?
7. I have Medicare, would I benefit from a CareNet membership?
8. I have Medicaid/Soonercare benefits. Would I benefit from a CareNet membership?
9. If I opt-out of the Samaritan CareNet membership program and should require Samaritan ambulance services at some point, what happens?
10. How much does a typical Samaritan ambulance service cost?
11. What about people who live in apartments, long term care facilities or rental properties?
12. If I have a question about the $3.65 added to my monthly utility bill, who do I contact?
13. If I have a Samaritan CareNet membership, am I always covered?
14. If I opt out now and move to another Yukon address later, can I opt in when I transfer?
15. Can I pay for a membership in one lump sum, rather than paying $3.65 every month?
16. Can I contact Samaritan EMS directly and purchase a membership?
17. I have questions or concerns about Samaritan’s services. Who do I discuss those with?