What should I wear to the festival?

Please wear weather-appropriate clothing and shoes as the festival site has much to see and do!

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1. What is Freedom Fest?
2. What type of event is Freedom Fest?
3. Who may attend?
4. When is the festival?
5. Where is the festival located?
6. How much does admission cost?
7. How can I volunteer?
8. How may I contact the festival’s organizers?
9. How can I get the most updated information about the festival?
10. Are there any additional costs?
11. What is allowed on site?
12. What should I wear to the festival?
13. Can I bring strollers, wagons, and wheelchairs?
14. What is prohibited on site?
15. Where can I find more information about the festival activities and entertainment?
16. What time does the firework display start?
17. Where are emergency medical services located at the festival?
18. Where can I park?
19. How do I pay for food and beverages?
20. What types of food will be sold at the festival?
21. Who sponsors Freedom Fest?