What Yukon Will Do During an Emergency

Specifically, the following steps will be taken, as needed, under the leadership of the City Manager, the City Council, the Emergency Management Director, and the Office of Emergency Management:

  • Activate the Emergency Operations Center
  • Assess the situation and involve all appropriate agencies: law enforcement, fire, rescue, hazardous materials, public health, communications, energy, etc
  • Support the incident commander
  • Public Information Officer provides information to the news media
  • Establish shelters, evacuation routes including those not to use, and transportation for every citizen
  • Inform public school officials of situation and provide specific instructions regarding YPS school children
  • Ensure continuity of government
  • Ensure all levels of government, federal, state, county, and municipal, work together in a coordinated manner in regard to operations, logistics, planning, and finance
  • Launch strategic disaster recovery efforts